Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oooh, caught my eye

Whilst having a mooch on Ralan.Com for any updates on open submissions (I check daily) a couple caught my eye. An anthology for Sci-Fi, Panverse Two, novella length. And Pedestal Magazine is having a flash fiction issue, 1000 words or less and paying 8cents. Think I'll postpone fixing grammar in my novel. Did finish the one for Oz. Will have it proof read this week and then submit it. Spent a bit of time getting Bustirapus shiny and will post that as the weekly story in the next hour or so. It's one of my favourite stories, wrote it last year. I'll sum it up for you, three friends, a nutter and a spot of grave-robbing. I'm up next on PowderBurnFlash.Com so will post a link to that if it's in Sundays edition otherwise it'll be Wednesday's.

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