Monday, June 29, 2009


I said I'd post the rejections as well as successes. Got the rejection for the Raw Terror anthology. Submitted in February. At least I'm learning patience in all this submission rigmarole lol. I'm actually not too bothered because the story, With Brush and Pain is the first story with a recurring character of mine. A strange artist by the name of Tobias Corbaux. His second outing is due for publication on The Daily Tourniquet. Also, I've come along way since February in regards to sharpening the stories, grammar etc. So I have this puppy back and gonna tinker with it.


  1. Keep plugging away, Lee. Your stuff's good enough and it's a numbers game.

    Well done for the The Daily Tourniquet acceptance.

  2. Cheers Col. After going through it again I can see why it wouldn't have been picked up. So at least I get to clean it up.