Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No room at the inn

A short of mine got the bounce yesterday. I'm not too bothered, I'd sent it out to a pretty big magazine, might have been punching a little above my weight, but that's half the fun, you never know. So sent it back out this morning with a packed lunch, so fingers crossed. So at the moment, there's two waiting to go on websites/e-zines. Six that I'm waiting to hear from for websites/e-zines. One out to a magazine waiting on news. Two out for anthologies, waiting on news. The deadline for one is tomorrow, submitted 3 months ago, so see what happens. And have one to send in for a contest this week, another to submit to an online magazine and One to an anthology. Once I've got them all submitted and with the novel simmering in the 'cyber drawer' it'll be time to finish off the second part of The Jesus People, titled: The Homeless People. Part four of Ed & Tony's adventure now they've got the gold. And a fantasy flash one to finish.


  1. I think you should write more, Lee. You're such a slouch...NOT.
    Well done, bud. Keep up the good work n someone will crack sooner or later.

  2. I'm going for the handful of gravel approach, gotta hit something lol. Top piece with the Broken entry by the way Col.

  3. welcome to the club lee! i live for the bounce, it puts me one closer to the accept - keep polishing it up ..you'll get there. check out editors unleashed here:http://editorunleashed.com/

    their forums have a place where you can post your work for critique - very safe and constructive - also free!

  4. I'll go have a gander, cheers Michael.

  5. Lee Hughes: Prolific Poet.

    You've got more in the pipeline than most oil companies.

    Like you said, you can't go wrong with the handful of gravel approach.

    And it doesn't hurt that these are excellent stories.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Cheers Chris. Hoping since you kind peeps have introduced me to this foreign concept called grammar that the scales of the submitting process tips a little more in my favour!