Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three's a Crime

Just having a little think now about how to go about this little problem I have come across. I wrote a short about two lads Ed and Tony, RRP to RIP trying to buy some guns from a taffy arms dealer. It was put up on A twist of Noir. Then I wrote another short crime one called The Man Who Watches the Watchers and bunged Ed and Tony in for a cameo there with a reference to the Welsh arms dealer. Now I've done a third short crime one with Ed and Tony and that quick cameo is an important part of this story, called the Meltdown which follows on from that. Question is where do I submit to for it to make most sense? And will people blog hop to read the piece they missed lol


  1. It all depends on two things, as far as submitting it, Lee.

    One, where do you want to submit it?

    Two, how long is it?

    If that's where you want to send it and it fits the parameters of the site that you're sending it to, then that's where you send it.

    Of course, I would urge you to think about sending it to A Twist Of Noir. But, of course, I'm biased. :)

    As far as blog hopping to find all the pieces, I can't say, as I've never been put in that position as a reader.

    However, if you read or have read comic books, you know that comics like to make you have to buy issue #346 of Superman and then #154 of Action Comics to continue the story and so on until the storyline is finished.

    And, if you read or have read comic books, you know that comic book fans have title hopped to keep up with the story.

    This is my long-winded way of saying, it all depends on the reader.

  2. 1,800 words. Thanks for the reply Christopher. Part One is on Twist of Noir, Part Two TkNC, Submit Part Three to Noir, Four to TknC get a game of blog tennis going.

  3. readers learn where their writers are - if they like your writes..and of course they will..they will read you wherever- just cross referrence on your'll be fine

  4. Sounds like a plan, thanks for that Michael.