Friday, July 31, 2009

Turning 31

I'm on the cusp of being 31, tomorrow I'm gonna be in the grey area of life. But on the upside I get presents. The wife has got me The Watchmen dvd, a Watchmen t-shirt, Charlie Brookers Dawn of the Dumb book and has a table booked for a meal tonight, but I'm full of the flu. I also, from tomorrow will be the proud owner of LeeHughes.Net, my brother is more strict than my wife on giving in and letting me have my presents early. So I don't get the passwords to the site until tomorrow, Boo! So I'll point my blog at it or something. The site will just make it easier to do cool shit with I guess, and I get 300 e-mail addresses, etc dreams if you wish long enough do come true. Second email addy I'm making will be, ColBAdmiresTh@LeeHughes.Net, 300 email addresses might not be enough.


  1. Happy belated and welcome to the 31 club.

    I'll be moving out in November.

  2. Happy Birthday, hope the flu naffs off soon and you're having fun with your new technical stuff. As well as other non-tech presents, course.

  3. Dig the new emails, bud.
    And belated birthday wishes, you old git!
    Still 10 years behind me and you always will be.
    Lots of Love,
    The older git!!!