Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe not the last post from here

Well I gets up early this morning to do a bit of writing before work. Decided to check for any posts on new site. New site not there, just a nice big old sign saying 'Account Suspended' as it was a gift from my brother, it's still in his name, so he is the one that needs to get in touch, and he's away for the weekend. It's with JustHost, so I've done a little googling, and it seems that no one has a good thing to say about them. I supposedly have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. And as of the moment I went to bed (7hrs ago) I'd had 8 visitors, now unless word of mouth spreads fast and a million folks dropped in, well can't see it being that one. And as for content, 2 posts and a page of links leading only to story sites, can't be for illegal content. So through googling it seems, yes you do have unlimited space, bandwidth etc, but if you use over 10% of CPU policy your account is immediately suspended, as per their terms. Then reading the reviews I'm guessing I'm gonna get the same response as numerous others received on my brothers return 'You need to upgrade to a dedicated server' for more cash. So as for now I'm back home here, might just even stay, seems a lot of effort lol

So for those that didn't get a chance to see my site lol, I have a new one called, The Lunatic over at Michael Solender's blog as a vacation guest write.

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