Saturday, November 28, 2009

Up at the NOT

Okies, is still up and running and I will be keeping it, mainly because I'd lose the domain name. Over there I'll mirror these blog posting and will continue putting up stories and links etc. But for day to day blogging this is my home.

I entered Michael J. Solender's Thanksgiving flash competition. Now it's a yank holiday and I know jack all about yams and what it's all about so I stayed away from that topic and wrote The Ride for it instead.


  1. Great stuff Lee. You are awarded honorary Yank for the day.

  2. Yay, I'm a yank for the day gonna nip the the travel agents and change pounds into dollars and try and spend them. Hmmmm, but you americans tip for everything, I'm too stingy for that lol

  3. Yes, a "master"...batory piece. Loved it.
    Best wishes, David.