Sunday, December 13, 2009

Goings On

It's the start of a new week. Got a few things done last week. My entry into the one word challenge over at Talkback, the word was Frantic.

An effortless drifting of her attention, coupled with a simple, momentary turning of her back, and he was gone.
Now, days later, she stands amongst the pigeons contained within the activity of the square. She voices her want for her child's return. The people of the open area, they tender up their console by evading eye-contact. Some even pitch pennies into the wishing-well and offer up a soundless hope for the child's safe revisit. The copper-coin dreams tumble through the ragged mesh that covers the maw of the well. No one ever wonders why the coins, they land, without their owing splash.

Still waiting to hear back from a couple of anthos, and submitted to another couple this week.

Today's gonna be spent hammering part 12 of The Osseous Box into shape ready to be let into the wild. Keeping my promise of getting it back to a weekly deal.

Finally, was having a rummage through the vault of old stories and found one of the first short stories I wrote. It's called To Buy A Panacea, I've bunged it up in the Stories to Read section, in case anyone wanted a nosy.

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