Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A, well nevermind moment.

I received an e-mail to say that the agency wasn't interested in my book. But, hey. Only been submitting stuff since January and had great success so far I reckon. I'm in print in a short story collection and been published at various online places to the tune of 50 stories so I'm not gutted, a little down but don't worry not going looking for a length of rope lol. Will take onboard the agents views and then in a month or so return to the manuscript. I have my other novel that I sat aside I think I will re-visit first. Will also return to the Osseous Box saga with part 12. Will probably do the fourth and final chapter of the Ed and Tony crime saga too. It is all a part of the game my friends.


  1. Keep going. You will win through in the end.

  2. I'm feelin' ya, man- that gut shot with a meloncholy chaser. Just keep writing, use their comments where applicable, but be your own writer.

    One more thing: you've been kickin' some serious ass this year, with all of the stories you've written/published. Use this very minor setback as a chance to fall apart a little. Thentake a breath, gain some perspective and write, write, write.

  3. Great advice, Mike.

    It subjective, fella - one opinion.
    As they say, 'It's a marathon, not a sprint.'
    Lee, you have the talent.


  4. Cheers gents for the kind words. However much I want it to it can't go all my own way all the time lol

  5. Keep at it mate. It will come.
    All the best, David.