Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Nemonymous Story

Just received an email from the inimitable D F. Lewis, editor of the Nemonymous anthology giving permission if we so want to release which story was done by whom two months before the official announcement. The way it works is the author's byline isn't connected with the story so you have no idea who you are reading, you're just picking up the book without skipping to a favourite writer, or skipping a story because you don't like a certain writer.

Since its release last year it has been a killer now and again not being able to say which was mine. Especially when I'd read a great review of my story. The highlight being a great write up in Black Static horror magazine.

Without further ado, my contribution to Cern Zoo: Nemonymous 9 was... Turn the Crank. Matt you were correct in your guess!


  1. Cheers, Lee. It was all in 'the voice' my good man.

  2. Turn The Crank

    "Jonas was standing outside what had been Woolworth's plucking a quiet tune out of his acoustic guitar."

    But not quiet for long, as an organ-grinder with a caterwauling organ disrupts the pitches of various buskers. This is, for me, a very effective Horror story that tells of the mayhem caused and of how people can be caged as if in a Zoo in more ways than just in a cage. Without reading it, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I'm only glad - that although this is a typical British city scenario - it appears it all takes place on an island hopefully far from where I live.

    Significantly, from the stuffed hippo in the previous story to the organ-grinder's stuffed monkey (both of whom come to life in their own special ways), this turns the clock as well as the crank in much the same way as in Elizabeth Bowen's masterpiece of a story: "The Inherited Clock". Like beng sucked into the Collider itself.