Friday, May 21, 2010

A Vampire Short

Been grinding away on the novel, but took a little time off a couple of times over the last two weeks to pen a few shorts. One went up on The New Flesh Magazine today, it's called Anything More than Two, you can read it here
First ever vamp story, hope it's something a little bit different.

Have a few more out that I'm waiting to hear about, but I've got a date for a story I wrote this week for over at Flashes in the Dark's Resurrection comp. It goes up near the end of next month.

Still working on the reviews, the next one will go up next week.

Have a blinding weekend and hope you all get proper trolleyed.


  1. Had a hellish week or two with work so I'm just catching up with stuff. Left a comment over at New Flesh and will be checking out your other work. Had a piece published on New Flesh recently, called Feeder. That was also my first vampire tale. Check it out if you want......NOW!!! :-) Great writing mate.

  2. My god, man. That satisfied my horror fix. You are on to something with that mind of yours. What an fun and dreadfully wicked tale. I shall watch your progress closely.