Monday, June 14, 2010

Lame Goat Press Closure

Bad news for everyone who had stories accepted into various anthologies. After over a month of being on the virtual missing persons list and causing concern from everyone from editors to the cover artists and down to the writers themselves there was a message last evening from Christopher Jacobsmeyet stating we are all released from our contracts. Which comes as a relief as they were for 18months lol. Though a little reasoning would have been nice not just a 'You're all released from the contracts.' But hey ho, we live and learn and just need to be a little more selective in future of where we submit to.

There is some good to come out of it. Chris Bartholomew, an established publisher of StaticMovement.Com is going to take the antho's they were guest editing and run with them. After all they put a helluva a lot of effort in just to let them go to waste. Obviously you need to let them know you are still interested.

Details can be found here


  1. Unsurprised at this.

    My story's on the list. Have you got Chris Bartholomew's email, bud?

  2. I do. It's
    But if you go to the link up there and make a post, she's also pretty good about responding. Yes, bummer about all this. The good news is I just entered Howl in the Covey Awards. Lets see if it can win anything. :)

  3. Oh that award is for cover art by the way :)

  4. Just wanted to set anyone straight who may stumble upon this post like I did, and wonder what the situation is with Lame Goat now. I have it on good authority , from editor Mark Crittenden, that Lame Goat is still in business and once again a horror venue. Thanks to Mark, it has opened subs for a new anthology called Their Dark Masters, and you'll be pleased to know, as I am, that stories for this anthology are being paid for. Let us hope that this becomes common practise.

    You can find the guidelines for TDM on the pro boards. Mark is putting a lot of effort into this, so whatever you think of LGP, perhaps it's at least worth a look? I'll be submitting.
    the guidelines on the.boards.