Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog changes

As you can tell, updated the way my blog looks. Main reason was it was cluttered but I noticed something major was missing. I didn't have a blog-roll. So it only seemed fair, as most of you lot have, and added me.

Writing wise. Hatcheting the novel with the good old, 'Does this move the story along?' if not slash, 'Am I just wittering here?' if so slash, and taking out all the words that break the flow of sentences that you rarely realise are there, I listed them in a post the other month.

On the horizon. Had some great input on my story for Their Dark Master and have listened to all the notes and advice and implementing them before I submit. Started a story for the TKnC Halloween Fest. Definitely wanna submit one to Erin Cole's 13 Days of Horror, last years one was proper good fun.

Will also be dipping into the 'Ye Olde Trunk' before the week is out in case any of you get bored of playing Farmville on Facebook.

Laters, Lee


  1. Dig the new look, bud.
    I'll be in touch about how to go 'widescreen'.

  2. Crisp and clean on the blog. Man, am I proud to be listed as a "Shit-Hot Place" too!
    Looking forward to reading your upcoming work:)

  3. Looks great, Lee. Like Erin, look forward to more and more stuff from you!

  4. Love the new look, mate. Good luck with the submission and the novel. Look forward to more of your trumps! Sorry, that should have read trunks. That still doesn't sound right. :-)

  5. Looking good here, I like the green at the top. Great techniques on moving the story along and getting rid of useless words. It's really like weeding, isn't? (I hate weeding). I'm looking forward to a longer work from you.

  6. That's my applause, way in the back corner, Lee for this cool hangout you've created for yourself and the other nifty kids that come to the clubhouse ... to check you out the more.

    That's my echo from what Erin said too ~ AT THE BIJOU is honoured to be a Shit-Hot Place. Appreci'kation, absolutely