Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little update

I'm now officially in Mark Crittenden's 'Their Dark Master' with a story called, 'They, The Discarded' There's still some spots open if your interested. Find the guidelines here. There's already a wealth of talent in it so far. Lily Child, Gregory Miller, Marrissa Farrar, Barry J. Northern etc. It's going to be one mean antho. It'll be sweet as there's no Twilight goombah vampires that sparkle and can go out in daylight just so they can go to high school.

I do think that'll be the last of the anthos I submit to for a while, really need to get back to editing the novel, the break was nice, but time to go back to work. Once of course I see if I can wrangle a place in Erin's 13 Days of Halloween. And thanks to the time difference between here and Yankland I might just make the deadline. Don't forget, Killers, Chillers 'n' Thrillers are looking for Halloween orientated stories, whether they be horror, thriller or crime.



  1. Lee- thats great news on the inclusion in Their Dark Master. You have an impressive list of publications of your stories. Thanks for the reminder of the TKnC Halloween story thing and good luck on the novel edits.

  2. Congraets, mate. Excellent news, and thanks for the reminders.

  3. Oh, congratulations! And thank you for reminding me about TKnC - I still haven't found the courage to submit to them; the quality is always breathtaking.

  4. Congrats! Sounds like a great anthology! And yup, cheers for the TKnC reminder, I must get writing.

  5. Nice going! Anxious to read your work.

  6. Thank you, Lee. And folks, you won't want to miss his story, or this anthology. It's some of the most profound work I've seen from these authors. Incredible stuff. And please feel encouraged to submit. There is still time, and slots available! Hope to hear from everyone.

  7. Cool, Lee.
    You're on fire, man!
    Ps. Ellie, go on, you know you want to. Unlike some of the characters therein, we don't bite. :)

  8. What a smart little blog you have now Mr Hughes. all nice and clean around the edges - and deliciously dark and dastardly within. ;)

    Great news about Their Dark Masters and thanks for the plug - I look forward to sharing with you.

    Ellie - I agree with Col re TKnC. Go on, it's waiting for you...

  9. You deserve to be in there Lee. You're a great horror writer.