Monday, November 28, 2011


Had some great responses to my tale up at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers. If you fancy a read click here.

Thanks to all those that helped pimp about it. Now it's only fair to remind others about some of the stuff that's knocking about.

Col Bury has a new E-Book out called - "Manchester 6" So get your frame over to here and get yourself a copy.

Lily Childs new Magenta novelette is out "Magenta Shamam: Stones the Crow" Get your grubbies on it here.

Paul D. Brazill also has a new E-Book out called Brit Grit, snaffle one up from here.

Matt Hilton's latest Joe Hunter thriller, his sixth outing at thumping the skulls that are in need of thumping hit the shelves last month get in from all good book stores, or online here.

Sean Patrick Reardon's Mindjacker has been out for a while, but it still deserves mentioning for all those that haven't had a gander at it. Grab it here.

Not that you care or anything but at the moment am reading Apostle Rising by Richard Godwin and it's a fucking cracker. Again, off the shelf or online here.

Editor, artist, writer extraordinaire Mark Anthony Crittenden is still accepting submissions for the various anthologies that he has got on the go. Find out about the submission rules here.

Now down to little ol' me. I'm going to be posting a story a week. One's that appeared in anthologies etc that I've tightened, kinda like a 'Director's Cut' and throwing in some of the new ones I've written. So I'll be posting one up tomorrow, sci-fi horror called 'Contraband' that appeared in Deep Space Terrors anthology.

Still plodding along with the main novel, part one is pretty much done with. Also toying with the idea, I've novelised The Osseous Box, but have been thinking of running it as as a kinda serial, a segment each week. I'll let you know when I do!

Also been watching American Horror Story, now that's one fucked up program and I think it's great. This season of the Walking Dead is also keeping me entertained.



  1. Ta for the mention. Nice to see you out and about!

  2. Lee,

    Your pube story was a fitting comeback 'n' gleaned brill comments. Thanks for the name-check, mate, and for all the other links - great shouts, all of them.


  3. Likewise, thanks for the name check. Looking forward to the ressurgence of the Osseus Box!

    American Horror Story and The Walking Dead - guess what? My favourite current TV programmes without doubt. Great minds do think alike ;-)