Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year

Hope folks got everything they wanted from Father Chrimbo, and took the rest back to the shop to make exchanges for the unwanted.

Chapter Three of The Osseous Box is now up over, well, just look above and click on the Osseous Box Novel. (Some folks have been having trouble with that link, the addy is

Hammering into shape the new novel, never know, might actually get it done before we're all dust on 12th December.

I'll be posting a retro story on here like I said that's only seen the light of day in a print antho, once I've done the 'prefered cut' and also have a fresh short story that I'm working on, depending on size it'll either land on TKnC's doormat, or I'll post it on here.

Going for a nosy now to see what you all have been upto.


  1. Good show, Lee. Knock the dust off that keyboard and get that novel rolling. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Meanwhile in other news... The anthology you're in (Their Dark Masters) is sitting at #11 on the P&E polls... so a vote or two could cast it into the top ten spot! Hopefully you'll catch this message in time and get on over to the link to make some history for Red Skies. I believe there are still a few hours to vote!