Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, still waiting to hear from over a dozen places. And am readying up another batch to send out. This week I've tried my hand at Sci-Fi for a change for another anthology. Six thousand words limit so there was some heavy editing. Although I've kept a separate copy that can later be called 'The Director's Cut' and I'm happy with the out-come. The wife's had a read and loved it (but I expect bias there) will find out today what my brother, who is honest in his opinion, usually to extremes and Chris from work think of it. This weekend is polish the novel weekend as the wife's away. But Ive also remembered another anthology that caught my interest. A short story set in Oz (magical land, not down-under) the blurb on the submission calling is:

What we want to see are horror stories based on the world of Oz. This includes the characters, the settings, the world itself. We're deconstructing an American institution, so we'd like to see what you can come up with. Blood and gore, or explicit sex? By all means. As long as it reads as part of the natural progression of the story and not some fucked up penthouse letter.

If you fancy a go, it's here - Oz Horror

I've also started a list to the side ----->
I'll be adding all the sites that I find helpful towards writing, mainly places to try and flog your work etc. Or popular places to submit just for fun.

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  1. Thanks for the links, Lee.
    And good luck with the stories.
    What's your novel about and who are you submitting to?