Saturday, June 20, 2009

FictionBitch post on Anonthology and Nemonymous

At FictionBitch there is an article about a new experimental anthology where you do not know which authors wrote which story. It's good that people are noticing that D.F Lewis' Nemonymous series has been doing such since 2000 and is currently on Nemonymous 9 named Cern Zoo. So go have a mooch if you want to find out more. Besides, it'll only be a few months until the roll call for submissions for Nemonymous 10 and you lot may just want to throw your hat in. I know I will be giving it another go.

If you are interested in the Nemonymous phenomena then visit.

There's also an article at Wikipedia

Oh, and if anyone reading this has a site on which they do reviews. I know that D.F Lewis has review copies of Cern Zoo, Nemonymous 9 just waiting for you.

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