Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal Cover Art and Submission Details

I know I've blogged about the submissions for this anthology before but reckon I'll post again. Mainly because the cover art by Mark Crittenden has been released and it is shit-hot. If the face looks familiar then it's because it belongs in reality to horror writer Erin Cole. The deadline for the anthology isn't until the middle of March so there is still time, and there are still spots open. Details for it are here

Lemme know if you're in it!


  1. That's some artwork that! (A sexy looking Vamp, as well!)

    I'll give it a look. Cheers Lee.

  2. Thanks Lee! Spread the word...and the fangs.

  3. That is some kick-arse cover art! Great modelling Erin, it looks awesome.

    I'll spread the word to the usual suspects, too.

  4. Thanks, Lee. Authors...don't miss this chance. There are some special surprises in this anthology: rare persons have lent their words, and it promises to be phenomenal. Stand tall and give me your best howl!

  5. "Stand tall" - no can do, am 5'2" :-)

    Hi Lee, fellow Howler here pleased to make your acquaintance

  6. Pleasure to make yours also, got the feeling this is gonna be one helluva antho.