Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few updates

The Clarity of Night Silhouette competition is now closed and I'd like to thank all those that left me great comments about my story on it.

Read on Erin Cole's blog today about another competition. This one is a dialogue one, details are here.

Here's my entry.

"I'm going as far as Talbot, that any use to you?"

"That's perfect, thanks."

"Now it's a fucked up, creepy-ass world we're livin' in and I hate to ask, but I need to be sure. Ya carryin' a weapon?"

"No way, look, see."

"Had to be sure, didn't fancy getting' shanked or shot, ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, of course, it's fine. I'm lucky to have gotten picked up at all."

"There is that. I am curious though."


"Whether you're a spitter, or a swallower?"


"See, I like to get my cock sucked, these long hauls they frustrate the fuck outta me, always have done."

"Is that a gun? Look, Mister, I ain't gay!"

"Me neither, nor were the others. I used to de-stress other ways but the cops work harder at finding missing girls. Now I want you to start lollipopping it real slow."


  1. I hope that's not a "memoir". :-)

    Nice piece mate, and I don't mean your "lollipop". I'll be checking that comp out.

    Cheers bud, David.

  2. Don't worry, Talbot was taken off my truck route months ago...

  3. lmao, you know this probably happens more often than not...

  4. It's why I stopped showing leg for lifts long ago...The trucker told me he loved me...

    Dave make sure you have a go at an entry - the comp, you too CJT

  5. Whoa, I read that this morning on FH and nearly covered my eyes! That IS horror.
    Loved your piece in the Clarity of Night contest- delightfully demented.
    Thanks for the plug too.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a switch! I didn't see the ending coming, but it was refreshing to read.

    I came by to thank you for reading my submission on Lidia. I sent in the wrong file, but I took my medicine like a big girl … it was hard, but still you saw the merit in the story, and for that I thank you.