Saturday, January 9, 2010

If anyone wants to see my entry(fnarr fnarr)

My entry into the Clarity of Night: Silhouette competition has been posted. You can find it here

Just finished the first draft for the Zombie Zoology: A Natural History of Zombies.

Was going to go straight on to the Day Terrors Anthology but spotted on David Cramner's blog that the first Beat to a Pulp antho is still open. So gonna give that one a try. details can be found here and a little more update here The reason it's caught my eye is they needing a pirate yarn and I ain't never done me one of them tales. So gonna give it a whirl.

Have a good'en


  1. Hi pal, enjoyed your entry (oooherrr!). Can't beat a yokel in dungarees. Nice one. Good luck and thanks for your comments and encouragement.

    I'm considering the anthologies above, esp the zoology one, but there's also a site accepting subs at the mo.

    Just in case you'd missed it.

    Regards mate, David.

  2. Cheers for that Dave, I've made a note of that site. It looks like an open all seasons site so will chance my arm once I've had a go at the deadline publications.

  3. Lee, that was just brilliant. Chilling stuff, man.

  4. Cheers Matt, glad you liked it. Had to come up with something a little odd for it.

  5. Lee, I've just read your Silhouette entry. Absolutely brilliant.

    You could really freak people out with him - I just wanted to give him a cuddle (bit dangerous maybe, but hey).

    It's got to be a winner.