Friday, February 19, 2010

End of the week update.

It's been a good week, no rejections so far, jinxed that I bet.

Got those two pieces of lfash accepted into that abtho.
Sent Glory One off to EscapePod
Wild Dead Park was submitted to the Extreme Creatures antho.

Writing wise I wrote and polished a 4000 word short story for the Sci-Fi/Horror antho No One Can Hear You Scream and submitted it this morning, really chuffed how it turned out.

Still got some wrk to do on the Fearlogy story as it still doesn't quite feel right. The deadline's not looming so will work it out this weekend.

Been making a few notes on ideas for the Nemonymous 10 anthology. Not sure when I'm gonna start it, probably next week.

I saw a market today that I fancy having a go at. Submissions won't be accepted until April so there's heaps of time. Sword and Sorceress 25

Have a good weekend!

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