Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 acceptences put me back in the game!

Woke up to a nice email this morning from Lame Goat Press, they've accepted the two pieces of flash I submitted for their Flash Fiction Anthology. The Last Clown and First, Second, and Third will now be in it. I traipse over to have a look at the forum because they keep a list of who's been accepted, just wanted to grin at my own name, and low and behold whose name is up above mine, obviously accepted yesterday as well but our man from Hartlepool Paul D. Brazill. So far this year that's three books we'll be sharing space in, can't go anywhere! lol congrats Paul.

So the score is all even, Rejects V. Acceptances 4 all

Have a good'en


  1. Well done Lee! I love The Last Clown - just had to go over and reread it for the tenth time. Exquisitely gross.

  2. Nice one bud. Agree with Lily re: The Last Clown.

  3. The man's an unstopable writing machine. Well done, Lee. (and so's Paul B)

  4. Great news, Lee!!!
    You're on fire man (not to be confused with 'on a fireman' - another story in itself) :)

  5. Great stuff mate. And yes we do seem to be luking around the same speakeasy's!.