Monday, February 1, 2010

A Guest at The NOT

I'm Michael's Solenders guest writer today with a little short titled: Puppies and Ponds

You can read it here.

Plans for this week. Finishing up the story for Fearolgy. Then moving onto polishing a sci-fi story called Glory One to submit to Escapepod. As its a podcast need to make sure there's nothing clunky or too much of a tongue-twister. The story itself has been up on my website for the past 6 months. If you'd like to read it here's the link. Don't worry it's not 'Hard' sci-fi, I ain't that clever.

Then it'll probably be doing some research for an idea I've had for a concentration camp story.

So that's how I'm spending my spare time this week...thank the good Lord for blessing me with an understanding's probably more that she gets full control of the television.


  1. Awesome Lee, I'm heading over there now. Congrats on the Howl...I've got a story in it too.
    Funny about the TV-

  2. I can't imagine trying to be a writer without a understanding spouse. I also have a supportive wife and it makes such a huge difference.

  3. I makes a huge difference. Though I have moved the computer out of the spare room and into the lounge so she can at least talk/throw stuff at me whilst I write.