Thursday, February 4, 2010

A few new things

First draft of the Fearology antho story is done, I'll do the usual set it aside for a week and then return to do the second draft.

Glory one is smoothed out so will be submitting that probably tomorrow after I've had an extra pair of eyes ride over it.

I submitted to an new anthology yesterday 365 Days of Flash Fiction. It's only exposure but they are accepting re-prints so where's the harm in hoofing off something already rpeviously aired? None, get submitting. I bunged off The Mending of the Broken, so see how that fares.

Another I'm gonna think about today is 31 Days of Halloween this call for submissions is also accepting re-prints, and it's paying, but only token amounts and royalties if the antho out earns the flat fee.

Extreme Zombie Anthology is open for submissions. They're looking for novella length and paying a cent a word up to 150dollar max. Not sure if I'm gonna have a dabble at this one, see how much time I have.

I sent a query letter off the other day regarding an antho I submitted to back in November but heard nothing back. If any of you know anything about Side Show 2: Tales of the Bigtop and the Bizarre let me know if it's filled and I've just not receieved my rejection letter yet lol

Have a good'en!


  1. Thanks for the informative update, Lee. There's a couple in there I'm gonna wazz summat over to. (In Manchester we speak proper England, innit!).
    Cheers, mate.

  2. Wazz, in my Lancashire born mind it's short for Wazzock, as in 'You bleedin' great big wazzock, talking about stuffing it up!'

    Good luck with the submissions. Though be warned I'm only go share these nuggets as long as I get accepted too, otherwise you can all go get fucked if you get into these antho's and I don't lol

  3. LOL,
    Lee, the 31 Days of Halloween has the same link as the 365 Days of Flash - is this right?

  4. No, I messed up, the link is

  5. Nice one Lee. You are the Blog Master. Good luck.

  6. Ta for that. Ive sent 3 to the 365 one. What if it comes out in a leap year? just askin, like ..

  7. Thank you Lee. I'm off >>>>>>>.......