Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping score, my goalie's bow-legged!

As I said, keeping score. The score board is over to the right. It's now February and the standings are 3 - 1

Got a rejection from the 31 Day's of Halloween anthology. Not bitter, just gotta up my game and claw some back.

Hope you all fare better with that one.

Have a good'en!


  1. yep, they said no to The Tut.Join the gang.

  2. Chin up mate. As the old saying's a marathon, not a sprint. And, Utd will, as always, defeat City (Sorry Col). ;-)

    Regards, David.

  3. God, if they turn down some of the best... that means I don't stand a chance!

  4. Which is why I proudly have only one rejection after all of these years. Of course, I've only submitted one.

    1-3, what the USA will probably lose by in every game come June, heh.