Saturday, February 6, 2010

Okay, the goalie was bow-legged this morning but a forward player got a goal this evening!!!

Swings and round-a-bouts. Got the rejection this morning for one anthology and an acceptance this evening for another. The Mending of the Broken has been picked up by Pill Hill Press for inclusion in 365 Days of Flash Fiction, it's set to be released in December. Clawed it back to 3 - 2.

Have a good'en


  1. Well done! Do they give you the day/date it'll be published?

    I had a look at the two sites and was a bit confused by the 'no erotic' stuff. I wouldn't call my horror erotic - depraved yes - but not meant to be 'appetising', let's say. Whadd'ya reckon?

  2. Congrats! I've heard nowt back from them yet but eyes crossed!

  3. Nice one, Lee, but am torn between you doing well n City winning!

  4. Cheers folks.

    Lily, mine will be in the May pages. But at least I know what everyone is getting for christmas seeing as it hits the shops in December lol

    Go through your OWC entries, bet you'll find tons more than suitable, and besides, they can only say no.

    Col, so as not to offend you I'll do my best to keep the scores even, next submission will be done in crayon, periwinkle blue.

    Eyes cross for you paul, so much so that why I cry, a tear runs down my back.

  5. Congrats Lee...You, Lily and Col are just so prolific (maybe I should rephrase that, not meaning to caste aspersions here...LOL). I really need to get my head in creativity has been limited to the book, but really need build my portfolio...any tips?

  6. My plan is just to concentrate on short stories for anthologies for a few months to hopefully get a few more under my belt and then return to the novel and finish that. I figure I'll get a few things from that. Throughout the year I'll have things to look forward to, around March sees the publication of Howl, now In December the book of flashes. I suppose the biggest aim is that when the novel is ready I can approach representation and show what I've already achieved. That's the plan, whether or not it works is another thing.

    Tip if struggling for inspiration, random article on wikipedia, is a good one you're bound to get an idea for a short story.