Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three things...

Firstly Matt Hilton's competition to win a signed copy of Joe Hunter's outing number Three, slash and burn, which is released in 3 weeks has opened up for votes. You can vote over here, the winning story will be posted on 3 sites. There are some cracking stories, and a click and it's done, easy as five minus two, just checked my maths, that makes Three.

This week I've been working on Three different stories. The deadlines are looming for all Three so been tinkering on them all to see which ones coming along the strongest out of the Three.

Item number Three, thinking of putting a piece on the side with open markets that I'm thinking off and their deadlines instead of just linking them here, that way if you miss something it's still on the side, for those that visit every Three days and might miss something.

Have a good Sunday.

Don't forget to vote here it only takes Three seconds.


  1. It took me only two seconds to vote. ;-)
    Good luck with your submissions and happy mutha's day you mutha.

  2. Three is a magic number...maybe it'll bode well for all three submissions. Thanks for the mention, Lee.

  3. I have three things to say...

    1) Pissed me sides at Dave's comments.
    2) Thought your post was funny, too, n wish you luck with the stories.
    3) Can't think of anything remotely witty to say about the number three cos it's late, am knackered n am bloody threezing 'ere... I'll get me coat!