Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Been a while....

Kinda been out of the blogosphere loop for a week. But figured I'd keep anyone interested up to-date. Writer and Editor Gregory Miller sent me a copy of his short story collection, a very handsome little book that I'm halfway done reading and will have a go at reviewing it once finished. Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal is now available on Amazon.

I'm slowing down now on the short stories whilst I work on two projects, an apocalyptic fantasy novel that is practically finished and also working on novelizing The Osseous Box. In short story format it reached part 13 and stood at 25k words. When it was a series I felt I had to make each part stand alone and at around 2k words which meant missing bits out. Hoping widening the scope improves it.

Don't forget Matt Hilton's Slash and Burn is released next week on the 1st, a must buy for all thriller fans, order it here.

Had good news this week. The antho I was in Cern Zoo: Nemonymous 9 has been longlisted for the British Fantasy Awards in the anthology section, lets hope it makes it to the short list.

Got an email this morning telling me that my story from Cern Zoo has been given an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow's 'Best Horror Of The Year' book for 2009. So I'll be scooting to Waterstones this morning for a nosy.

Don't forget, this year is the final Nemonymous. Null Immortallis will be the last in the series by editor D.F Lewis. Submission guidelines can be found here

My story Turn the Crank from Cern Zoo garnered this review in Black Static print horror mag - "Somewhere just past the halfway mark we get a double whammy of horror stories, or rather stories that are more overtly horrific than their companion pieces. The world of street musicians is focused on in 'Turn the Crank', with a sinister organ grinder and his monkey wreaking havoc amongst the busker set, the back story stretching into the past, and a resolution that succeeds in being both downbeat and triumphant in the same beat. It is perhaps the most traditional piece on offer, but no less successful for that, with a skilled and beautifully paced delivery, and touches of detail that bring the life of street performers to the page with compelling authenticity." - Peter Tennant

I was rather chuffed with that.

Have a good'en


  1. Nice one mate. Good to see you back and that was a pretty decent review, no it wasn't, it was a belter and you should be chuffed.

    Regards, David.

  2. Yes, brilliant review of a top story. As you know, I kinda guessed which was your offering, recognising your wonderful style of gore and weirdness (I mean that in the most complimentary way), and TTC rightly deserves the recognition it's garnering. Top news about a top story from a top bloke.

    I'm thrilled to hear that you're going to novelise The Osseus Box - I've been missing my fix over at TKnC - and can't wait to get my mits on the finished expanded result.

  3. Hey, Lee - top post, fella.
    Great news re' the anthology. I'm not surprised at all that your story was selected for praise. Stick at it and your undoubted talent will shine through.
    And thanks for the other snippets of info, mate.

  4. Cheers for the kind comments gents, appreciated.

  5. That was an excellent review, Lee. well deserved.

    Can't wait for the full novel of The Osseous Box - just tell us all when it's been whipped up by an agent/publisher.

  6. LEE! HOLY CRAP MAN! Your story in Cern Zoo just won honorable mention from Ellen Datlow for best Horror of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! I'm looking at it on her list right now! I'll email it to you. MAN, you hit the big one there buddy! Stephen King is on that same list.