Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Story

I took a little break from the novel and wrote a short story called Mended. Some of you will be familiar with the main character Melvin.

It's over at TKnC if you fancy a gander.

Have a good easter :o)

Oh, also bought Best Horror of the Year Vol 2: I'm a whore for seeing my own name. The honorable mention made me grin, due to the thing called the alphabet my name's two places beneath Neil Gaimen's on the honorable mention page!! I bet he's showing his wife the book and saying, "Look, I'm two names above Lee Hughes!" ....or not lol


  1. LOL, Lee.
    Congrats on the mentions - now back to the novel!
    Gotta dash. There's a strange bloke up the tree in me garden...

  2. LOL! I never get used to those colloquialisms. Strange bloke up the tree. hehe.