Friday, April 30, 2010

A little game of catch-up.

It's been a while. But things are gonna return to a more normal run. The novelisation of The Osseous Box is going well. The 13 parts of it that went on TKnC each part usually ran for roughly 2k, which has translated to say 7k per part as I've expanded and bulked out the characters, which is something I wasn't able to do. Also there were scenes and parts that I cut out that now get to go back in.

I've also been working on a few stories for a few antho's and comps.

The most pressing of which is for Null Immortallis: Nemonymous 10. The deadline for which is midnight tonight and there's a fuck-ton of writing and editing to do. I had to backburner my original story as it was about biological immortality and a man's attempt to copy nature like we have done many times before, birds - planes etc. Then it got so confusing it was liking watching the film Primer, but nipping for a piss and then returning and wondering what the fuck you'd missed. The story started contradicting itself so shelved it. And started a new one, this one is about time, pretty much fitting as it has to be in D. F. Lewis's inbox by midnight tonight. Not even thought of the ending yet. But maybe the pressure will make me shine lol.

From Monday I'm gonna be running a few reviews of books. Not saying they'll be insightful or in any way decent, it'll just be my views on them. Basically I want a soap box, I usually finish a book and look to someone to either preach to, or rant to. It's my website and it costs me each month so I'm gonna say something on it, even if it's twaddle(Blogspot readers, I know this is free but me other one ain't).

The list so far, and if you want to add something of your own to that list, I know a few of you have stuff coming out in the next few months send me an email.

Gregory Miller: Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales for Noon or Midnight (He sent me that book for free so he gets first turn)

Chris Ewan: The Good Thiefs Guide to Paris

Matt Hilton: Slash & Burn

John Ajvide Lindqvist: Let the Right One in

Stuart MacBride: Broken Skin

The other main reason for doing a few reviews it to prove to myself I've paid attention to the story and noticed things, both the good and the bad that I can apply to my own scribbling.

Laters, have a good long weekend(If you is in England) I'll post in the morning whether or not I made the deadline.


  1. Hey, great to read your update, Lee.

    I'd buy the Osseus Box - I loved every episode over on TKnC.

    Good idea doing the reviews - reading with a critical eye definitely helps your own work.

    And good luck with that story deadline, bud. Took balls to ditch the first story. If any one can pull it off, you can (ooo matron :))

  2. I love John Ajvide Lindqvist's writing: Let The Right One In is a fantastic read.
    ...a fuck-ton of writing - that's a fantastic description.
    You're still ahead of the game! I'm neck in neck with accept. and rejections too.

  3. Cheers Col, you'll buy the Osseous Box, sweet, mark that down as a sale, I'm doing an rrp of 3,000quid on it, buy a copy for friends and family too lol.

    The other story is a cracking idea, but it's one that to truly shine needs a hell of a lot more work.

    I'll make the deadline, it's the last in the series.

    Erin, watched Let the Right One In. It was the swedish version with the subtitles and not the clunky dubbing, try and get that one too if you've not seen it. After seeing the film the wife wanted the book for our first anniversary, well the first is paper! Read it after her and it's a lot more gruesome than the film isn't it. My kind of shocking. Where you pause and re-read and shake your head. Glad you're even-stevens on your scoreboard!

  4. You just up and leave. You don't call, you don't write. I was worried sick! ;-) Nice to see you back about the place. Good luck with everything Lee.

  5. Lee, check my blog. There is a nomination there that requires your attention. :)

  6. Aye good to see the big lad back and storming ahead.

    I'm with Col..The Osseus Box The Novel...I'd buy it. If you've got two advance orders does that bring the price down to 1,500 quid apiece?

    I'm also with Erin...a fuck-ton of work. I'm knicking that phrase!