Thursday, May 6, 2010

A mixed bag

I know I said I was starting a series of reviews this week but the weekend proved hectic with writing, and then bank holiday on Monday. It will commence this coming Monday.

My story for Nemonymous 10: Null Immortalis got short listed, but alas didn't make the final cut. I knew this would be a challenge, it being the last in the series and it needing to go out with a bang. Also I probably didn't do myself any favours by ditching a story and then doing a different one right up to the finish line, oh well, all part of the game. So good luck to D.F Lewis and the fine writers that made it in!

The scores now stand at 6 - 6

Horror writer Lily Childs asked me some questions for over on her Feardom Blog. If you fancy going having a gander here's the link

Gonna be doing a few shorts and flash pieces, just kinda in that mood this week and then it's back to the novel.



  1. Unlucky with 'Lemonious', bud. The standard must be high. Looking forward to your reviews n new shorts, wherever they pop up.

  2. Great interview over at Lily's site, by the way.

  3. Just catching up bud. Good to see you making an appearance. Good luck with your stuff and looking forward to reading some of your short stories. I will catch up with The Osseous Box soon. ;-)

    Great interview with Lily, as well.

    Keep up the writing, mate.