Thursday, June 10, 2010

TT Week

Some of you might have heard of it, others won't have. It's a bike festival on the island where we double the number of inhabitants for 1 week to 2, depending on how much of a petrol head you is. 40thousand folks come by boat and plane to watch some mentalists doing 200 miles an hour around the mountain road. Luckily this year the death toll(so far, still 2 days left) hasn't been as wonky as in many other a year. Most memorable a few years ago a woman finding an arm in her garden, but hey, she got a watch out of it. I just like the TT because they have beer tents and it brings over the fair. Anyone not from the Isle of Man ever been over?


  1. Don't understand it me-self, Lee. Thrillseekers I guess.
    So how do you feel about 40K tourists swamping the island n disturbing the peace? Is it a case of any excuse for a piss up? :)

  2. HOW FREAKING AWESOME! Thats totally on my tour schedule for when I can someday travel!

  3. Last time I was on a motorbike I was a passenge and he took a roundabout at about 90 mph. Never been on one since. Those guys are crazy, but each to their own. I would go to the TT for the beer tents though. :-) Love the photo for this post too!