Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updates and Stuff

Trying to be a little more constant with posts so you know I'm not dead and just working on the novel. Which is coming on at an astounding pace. The bare bones and characters are still there, but without the 2k constraints I'm able to widen the scope of the story.

Later this week I'll be posting my next review. Matt Hilton's Slash & Burn. He was kind enough to answer my 5 questions too, think you'll have a chortle.

A short story, Curlife's Fair is now slated to be in October's Issue over at Death Head Grin.

On the 21st of this month my entry into Lori Titus's Ressurection comp over at Flases in the Dark will be put up.

And that's about it. Oh reading a Western at the moment. Never really bothered with them before and saw it and thought why the hell not. Actualy really enjoying it, so don't be too surprised if I add Westerns to the genre list I'm willing to have a bash at!



  1. I've never read a Western either. Although I have some movie favorites that are--John Wayne, and all, pilgrim. : )

  2. Think about Westerns as historical crime books or historical thrillers - it's only cos they seem to be pushed into one genre that they're sometimes sniffed at. I often think I'm writing modern/contemporary westerns with my Joe Hunter books.

    There are some greats out there, well worth reading. If you just want fun (with plenty of violence) try to get your hands on some of George G Gilman's 'Edge' books.

  3. Oh, and a great modern day western/crime is 'No Country For Old Men'. Read the book or see the movie - you won't be disappointed.

  4. The one I'm reading is Both Sides of the Law by Hank. J. Kirby. Good old violence in the saloon...cornerstone of any good western.

    Been meaning to watch No Country for Old Men, it's been playing on Sky.

    Digging through the ye old box of stories, I did try my hand at a western for a humour anthology last year. Bluntshot Mahoney was its name. He's a bit of a mental speshul, who after a shoot-out went wrong he had a new shooter commissioned on the premise that the other gunman had known when he'd fired his sixth shot. So he had a gun made that only held five to keep them on their toes. Might post it tomorrow.

  5. Good to see you kicking around Lee. Glad to hear that you are working on the novel.

    Westerns are still really popular here in Oz. I sell about 100 a week at the shop so there is still a call for them I think. Louis L'Amour and Larry & Stretch seem popular, but thanks to Matt, I will start recommending those "Edge" books.

  6. Agree with westerns. Check this link out. http://www.beattoapulp.com/stor/2010/0529_eag_MilesToGo.cfm

    It's David Cranmer (A link to his site is on mine if yo haven't seen his) I'm just getting into Westerns and as Matt says, they are the basis for many modern crime/thriller/noir novels.

    Keep up the great work mate and good luck with your novel. I will be posting a lot more now, as the job I was on was completed yesterday so my work is a lot more local from now and I'll be getting home at a normal time, whatever normal is. :-)

  7. Yes, Matt. That movie rocked! Lee, also for good Western check out the movie Trailer Park of Terror. LOL, okay maybe not a western but that movie had me rolling! It's fun.