Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few things

The hopes of having the OB novel finished during my two week holiday were scuppered through two factors, firstly, I didn't find enough time to actually get down to it, secondly I came up with some more ideas for the plot to make it richer and meatier and am now writing those scenes in and shuffling a few others to keep it making sense. I'm starting to have a feeling with the word-count it may have to become a two-parter which is what I wanted to avoid, but if it means keeping the story the way I want it, I guess I've no choice.

There's a scutch more open anthologies over at Static Movement if anyone wants to go and have a mooch, you never know, you might have a story lying in the trunk that would fit right in.

I know a lot of people were pissed off at how things went with Lame Goat Press a few months back, me most definitely being one of them. And it's good to see a lot of good writers giving the press a second chance, Gregory Miller is releasing a chap book through them called The Sounding of the Sea, five short stories, only one of them is a reprint. I don't think there could be a better reboot to the anthologies than with having Mark Crittenden editing another anthology, Their Dark Master. It is paying, it is now open for submissions and you can find out more details here. Don't know if I'll get around to doing something but all you dark horror writers should go look here.


  1. Its good to know youre not dead. I was beginning to wonder!

  2. Good luck with it Lee. I'll check out that link, thanks.

  3. Thanks for posting, Lee. Hopefully writers will stop being scared off. I don't know what's scary about a paying anthology. LOL

  4. Oh nice one, cheers for the info, I'll check them out!

    And don't stress about the novel and the word count - write it first, then see where you're at, don't let worry over words distract you from the writing itself!