Sunday, August 22, 2010

This week

This week should see the dawning of the end of the Osseous Box, well first draft. The wife read the first half last night and said it was 'good' so I'll take that as a compliment as she's always honest and does tell me if a story is wank, though such testimonies displease me lol.

Looks like Lame Goat Press has done it again, as far as I'm concerned I won't ever be pimping that place again. Wide Berth Warning on it. A lot of us decided to give the man another chance, and, well, screw him, Chris over at Static Movement and now Mark at Red Skies will happily take our work.

Mark Critteden has opened up his own imprint to make sure Their Dark Master gets to see the light of day. The press is called, Red Sky Press

This week I'll also be tpying up another review, yes it's with those fundamental questions that the other authors answered. But this one is a bigger kicker for me as the author wrote the first of the books in the flat beneath me. Wish he was still there instead of the fucking Lithuanian deadbeats and their drum and base, if I kill, they will die first, they've stopped responding to stamps on the floor, and my appearance at the door only quells it for an hour. Thanks, just needed to rant, saves me ending up doing chokey.


  1. Awesome news on the Novel, I can't wait to see the finished product or should I say products?

  2. Well done on the novel Lee. All the very best with it when you start sending it out, mate.

    Lithuanians-Get someone to knock on their door dressed as an immigration officer. :-)

  3. Good stuff, mate.

    Look forward to the piece on Mr E, who I STILL haven't read.

    My sister lives near a couple 'from Euthanasia'

  4. Great work getting to type "the end" Lee. Now the fun begins. As I've heard said, "If you think the sixth draft was hell, you should've seen the fifth!"

    Looking forward to the final - the OB is a killer tale.

  5. Lee, get your facts straight. Go back to LGP and check out Mark's latest post. I didn't ditch him.

    I'm sick and tired of jackasses like you jumping to conclusions. Fuck off.

  6. I just re-visted it and the antho has been pulled, you've been given more than a fair crack at the whip and you're press is a shambles, I could have been meaner with my turn of phrase but didn't, your post shows you're the head-the-ball we thought you were(in English you are a fucking nutter and you have zero credibility) What pisses me off most is the fact that I tried to help you as others did but you did the old can't be fucking arsed returning e-mails, you're a goon and a half, and I do believe that you've killed your own press, stop being a cunt and get your act together, simple dimple.

  7. Lee, I swear you was a boxer in yer past life. You better save up some of that energy and send me a damn-splendid vampire tale! I'll be waiting, feller.