Sunday, January 9, 2011

Been a bit A.W.O.L

I know I've been a ickle bit lackadaisical and have neglected certain duties. But I'm back now. Nowt much is happening, still job hunting. Polishing the novel. But haven't written anything new in nearly 2 months. Gonna remedy that over today and tomorrow, then gonna hoof it off. I'm thinking TKnC, as Matt said, just because I edit the horror don't mean I can't submit to Col, or himself.

Their Dark Masters has hit the street. I rarely get over-excited, but this is the first Anthology that I get to open. It's a bit of pressure, but hel, that's half the fun. Besides Mark is a thorn in my side and we bickered long and hard to get to where he wanted the story to sound. I have to admit that the cuts were justified'ished' What's wrong with an unkempt vagina :oP

It's available through Amazon, also through Createspace.

The talent is large and I reckon this is the antho of the year. Lily Childs, Erin Cole, Marissa Farrer, Greg Miller, Barry J Northern, and a scutch more.

I'll post the links al together in a big ass yay-day!!!!

Mark did brilliant with Howl, with this one he's gone more than one step further, he's fucking done a march.


  1. Lee- was wondering wre you have been and if all was well. Glad to hear your back and ready to go. Conrgats on TDM's release and I can't wait to read it. Hope 2011 treats you very well!

  2. Lee, thanks for the kind words, and for letting me crawl into your mind a bit there with the edits. (theres some cobwebs in there, hehe)...and with the cut of the unkempt (V for vendetta) all in all I think we did well as a team shaping that story from what was already a masterpiece into something flawless. It is a deserving opener, and an exemplary piece of writing. Readers, this story will literally haunt your dreams. It did mine. DON't MISS IT!

  3. First - Happy New Year, feller!!

    B - Congrats on TDM's release. Looking for ward to reading it!

    4 -Apologies to Sean, as he asked me how you were and I forgot to let him know when I'd read your email. Sorry [Sean]!!

    Good to see you back, mate!

  4. Glad you're back in the world of the gruesome, Lee and I'm as excited as you are about Their Dark Masters, unkempt vaginas not withstanding... (now there's an image).

    Thanks for the mention. Big time.

  5. Great to have you back, mate.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Yo Mr. Awol.
    Awesome yuo open Their Dark Masters with a deep bite! I look forward to it. And hey, hurry up and "hoof" will ya? Life can be hell. Chill (as I jump off a cliff and frantically wave my arms wishing they were wings). ;-)

  7. Big smiles: ) - Mark also slashed into my sex scene...what's wrong with a ball massage?

    Looking forward to reading your story.

    FYI - I think going A.W.O.L. produces some of the best stuff later on. Good luck.

  8. Ladies and that I am not misunderstood, I am not attempting to "clean up" the literary atmosphere by deleting instances of unkempt va-jayjays and ball massaging. I am simply trying to create anthologies of sharply crafted, visually evocative, and resonating works. This sometimes means taking it down a notch from eroticism (which seems to be an elevated if not somewhat sophomoric term for porn). I'm trying hard to keep a straight face here, and it's not working. Okay, my speech is over. Lee you can turn the Gunther back up now.

  9. MkC - I admit, the story didn't need the ball massaging, and if it's not needed, I know better than to put it in!

  10. Erin,
    Nonsense! Don't ever apologize for your own creative vision. You are an outstanding author, and I have no doubt you will rise quickly in the ranks. If need be defend the parts of your stories that you know are valid (every good editor is not above some parrying and jousting without being offended)...just understand that some editors trim (usually just for the purpose of ratings). And no the word "trim" is not a pun. HAHAH!!!!!!!!!