Thursday, May 12, 2011

I's back

Well, where to start. Okay, I've been missing but I'm back. Been editing the horror stories on TKmC. Been writing some, well lots. Personally I'm good and returning into the fold. I've written a few shorts that'll be sent out over the nect few weeks to the magazines. The first being once I've caught up at TKnC will be on there, I'll be submitting it like everyone else has to but I'll probably say 'yesy' No seriously will send ti to one of the other editors for vetting. Bulked out the Osseous Box into a novel, figuring out what to do with it as half was given away for free so doh. But, I've been hard at work on another novel, and this one in my humble opinion has decent legs.

I want to thank all those that sent me nice messages, they really helped in getting my focus back.

So I'm back and things will get fucked up in no time.


  1. You know what they say:

    If it ain't broke, then Lee's been away too long.

    Welcome back, you'll be back to fucking things up in no time! :D

  2. Great news Lee and looking forward to the fucking up!

  3. Seriously, though, it's good to have you back.

  4. Looking forward to more of your writes.
    Publish Osseous Box as an ebook - you still get coin for all your efforts, and having it in a cheaper format might gain you more exposure, especially to those who have already enjoyed parts of it online.


    Welcome back, mate. Can't wait to read your new offerings. It's been way too long.


  6. It's about fuckin' time you big butthole!

    Very good to see you're back into the fray and looking forward to reading some new work from ya.

  7. OK sunshine, let's see the legs ...
    Good to know you're still alive, Lee

  8. OY! Where's my comment gone? Bloody blogger!

    Great to have you back, Lee. I've missed you.

  9. Hmmm, blogger killed my comment as well! Nice to have you back Lee, sure you'll be back to fucking things up like you never left!

  10. I's back too! Congrats on Osseous Box and good luck with whatever you choose to get that baby from the nest.
    Personally, things don't get interesting until somebody fucks it up ; )

  11. Look forward to reading you, Lee.

  12. Keep it real whilst keeping it real!